With 2 billion monthly users, it doesn’t take a genius to understand why 93% of digital marketers use Facebook. The social media platform is a powerhouse of advertising potential—with some of the best targeting tools in the biz.

Not only that, but Facebook is continually updating and improving its marketing platform to give us digital marketing geeks new things to get excited about. So what’s got us talking this month? Check it out:

Facebook + TV = The New Power Couple

Knowing how your ads are performing on Facebook and across different media platforms is one of those crucial metrics that can help you increase your ROI and lower your cost per conversion. Basically, it helps you know where to funnel your ad spend so you get the most bang for your buck. The only problem is that it hasn’t exactly been easy…until now.

Facebook recently partnered with global performance management company, Nielsen, to give businesses more insight into how their Facebook ads are performing compared with ads on other media platforms, specifically television. But wait—there’s more. The new solution doesn’t just look at how the two perform individually, but also how they complement one another when used in tandem. Spoiler alert: combining Facebook and TV together might just be the next big thing in digital marketing. You can read more about that here.

Ads Manager Gets a Makeover

All those nifty features you loved about Power Editor? You’ll now find them in the new-and-improved Ads Manager. Kudos to Facebook for combining the two and making one straightforward tool that simplifies ad creation and management for digital marketers.

You’ll notice the new workflow is far more chill—letting you first create a draft campaign before nailing down all the little details and giving you space to review and confirm changes before committing to your finished ad(s). Facebook also brought over those handy charts and the activity history feature from Power Editor, which means you can create ads and track and manage their performance from one easy-to-use interface.

New Template Makes the Most of Mobile Viewing

Nowadays we do some of our best window shopping on our phones—scrolling through pages of shoes, camping gear, pet supplies and whatever else we may want or need to compare features and prices before we finally settle on what to buy. Facebook knows this and will soon offer a new mobile viewing format that uses lifestyle images to display tagged products. Pretty smart if you ask us, especially since it gives advertisers a new way to showcase their products and engage consumers.

Taking Customer Engagement to a Whole New Level

An ad that instantly opens a conversation in Facebook Messenger? Yes they did. And what a clever idea, particularly if a customer is on the fence about making a purchase and needs a quick question answered or could use a little added support. Available through the Ads Manager, the Messages objective is currently available to select advertisers and will soon be offered worldwide.

Admit It: You’re Excited Too. So Now What?

A good Facebook advertiser knows it’s important to keep up with the latest tools and improvements, but that takes time and research. Lucky for you, we can help. Here at Solutions 8 we make it our mission to stay on top of the newest trends in digital marketing—which means we can help you create a rock-star Facebook Ads campaign that’s guaranteed to get results. Want to know more? Let’s chat!