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Hope you’re down for some UTM parameter talk!  Oh, you’re not? Well, you can skip it at your own risk. Otherwise, we’ve got some podcasted wisdom from our own Kasim Aslam, a little more bragging about our PPC acumen (come on, you would too), and a good bit of perspective on the current state of influencer marketing.



1. 1000 lb. Sentence:If you don’t understand the details of your business you are going to fail.” – Jeff Bezos, founder & CEO of Amazon

I don’t know a business owner who would disagree with this statement . . . to an extent.

It’s completely true that a successful business owner must have a profound understanding of “how the sausage gets made” (a.k.a. the gory details) so they can pinpoint trouble spots, build upon strengths, generally keep everything rolling, etc.

But there is such a thing as getting bogged down in the details. While business owners should have an excellent grasp of a company’s needs at any given time, they need also know when to delegate and how to choose the right people for each task.

Many of the businesses owners we work with have blown us away with their knowledge of PPC, SEO, web design, content, etc., but most fall into the category of having nothing more than a very broad understanding of digital marketing, even though they’re crystal clear on the fact that they need it.

And that’s OK because, typically, whether they know it all or not, the average business owner just doesn’t have the time to do it themselves. Or the budget to hire an in-house marketer. Or the capability to find a good one.

When these business owners come to their senses and become our clients, we create a “living plan” for their project. No matter a client’s level of expertise or knowledge, the living plan allows them to choose their own level of involvement through complete transparency, open communication and spreadsheets that display real-time developments like task progress, milestones, metrics, costs, profits, etc.

Yeah, it’s unique, it’s masterfully executed and it’s ours. You should ask us about it.

And remember, if you still want to take care of all the details yourself or trust someone you think might kind of know what they’re doing, that’s OK. Just make sure you don’t forget to take care of this:

Using UTM Parameters for Explosive Growth in Your Paid Advertising

2. Podcast Fever! Once in awhile, Kasim is asked to do a podcast and, when he does, he kills it. This time, he was invited to speak on the Manufacturing Marketing Matters podcast about why and how the manufacturing sector needs to focus on content marketing.

So if you’re a manufacturer or know someone who is, listen or pass along. If you’re in no way connected to manufacturing, listen anyway, because Kasim dispenses several weighty pieces of wisdom that, honestly, hold true for any sector.

3. Win of the Week: We’re currently doing a branded PPC campaign for a client who sells a product that people generally search for with intent to buy. Because the purchasing time frame is short, CTR (Clickthrough Rate) is extremely important.

As you can see, we’ve helped our client achieve an 11.8% CTR, which may not sound that great until you consider what happened when we ran it through WordStream’s comparison tool:

Is your CTR 611.45% higher than the average in your industry? Call me.

4. Event I’d Kill to Attend: Connect to Convert 2017
Where: New York, NY
When: Aug. 21-23
Tickets: Click for Pricing.
Presented By: LeadsCon

Why: As a project manager, I can think of about a million reasons I’d love to go to this one, though it’s going to be an amazing conference for anyone who’s interested in learning about increasing inbound leads, optimizing click through, leveraging paid search as a qualified lead gen channel, lead growing, revenue driving, etc.

But it’s not just a conference, it’s an expo too, so it promises to be a veritable feast of information, sights, and experiences. And the 11-track agenda is full of so many tempting choices, I’d want to clone myself.

Although I’d never really kill to attend anything, I’d probably do something bad to go this conference. Maybe cut in line, not turn off my phone at the movie, take the last piece of anything . . .

5. The Rave: This week it’s my pleasure to introduce you to our fantastic Head of Social, Natalie McCatty. She’s enjoyed being a part of the Sol 8 team since its early days and is the master when it comes to creating content that is loved by search engines and social networks alike.

Natalie’s versatility, experience and skill make her an incredibly valuable asset because, when she’s not spending her time killing it on social, she’s picking up the slack for the content department with her expert custom and guest blogs, or anything else they need help with (there’s no form of content she can’t do, and do well.)

As a content writer, she has contributed to numerous top-ranked websites, including Search Engine Journal, Entrepreneur.com, KillerStartups, SiteProNews, and HomeAdvisor.

Prior to coming to Sol 8, Natalie was the brand manager and marketing coordinator at Colorado State University, where she enjoyed her role as “logo cop” (despite never receiving an official badge, though she requested one many time).

Besides leading Sol 8’s social content efforts, Natalie spends her time hiking, biking, tending to her garden, and making an endless amount of peanut butter sandwiches for her two growing boys.

6. Best-of-the-Week Outside Blog: We’ve talked about influencer marketing, or the practice of using bloggers, vloggers and social media stars to market your products, in past emails, and now seems like a great time to revisit the topic.

Especially since more companies than ever before are channeling larger portions of their ad dollars toward this format. The big news is, Instagram is beating all other platforms by a mile and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

In fact, marketers worldwide spent $570 million last year on Instagram influencer marketing. this Digiday blog may be something you want to pay attention to:

The state of influencer marketing

7. One of the Good Ones: Invisible Children had a brief, blinding moment in the sun when their short film, Kony 2012, went viral. Suddenly, everyone was talking about the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) and its infamous leader, Joseph Kony.

For decades, Kony and his henchmen have been abducting children (60,000+ at last count) throughout central Africa and turning them into child soldiers and sex slaves. Invisible Children was founded in 2004 with the goal of stopping Kony and, in doing so, ending Africa’s longest-running conflict.

Kony has yet to be caught, but Invisible Children hasn’t given up the fight. Ways to get involved include online donations, fundraising and advocating. I highly recommend taking a look at their blog as well.

8. The Thinker: “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”  – Albert Einstein

See you next week!


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