Hey Everyone!

OK, some of today’s topics sound a little heavier than they actually are. Namely, being courageous (in marketing) and embracing your (content) failures – seems like good character and eCommerce go hand-in-hand. Who knew?!

Oh, and don’t forget to read the part about guest blogging (we can do that for you if you’re too busy.)


1. 1000 lb. Sentence: “Increasingly, there are only two kinds of companies: brave and dead.” Seth Godin, best-selling author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker

If you own a business, without a doubt, you know something about bravery. But, as with anything, there are degrees of courage.

Just how much of a risk-taker are you? And for you risk lovers, where do you draw the line between bravery and foolishness?

I do believe there’s a winning “risk” formula for every business model, as well as an art to finding it. When it comes to marketing, Kasim’s written a brilliant little blog about the types of risks you can’t afford not to take.

For instance, do you:

  • Invite feedback, even though it may not be flattering?
  • Have no problem using humor, when appropriate?
  • Take a stand once in awhile?

Find out why you should do all those things here: 3 Moves Brave Marketers Make

2. Hot Tip: If you have a blog (you do, right?), we strongly urge you to consider doing some guest-blogging, which merely involves choosing a reputable website that runs a blog relevant to your industry and asking for permission to create a post.

Why would you want to do such a thing? Well, guest-blogging not only helps establish your company’s voice as one of authority, but it also drives traffic back to your site and helps with link-building.

Trust us, it works! We know because we do it. In fact, here’s a short-read blog that explains the whys and hows: The Art of Guest Blogging and Why It Matters

3. Win of the Week: Want to know how powerful the one-two punch of outstanding SEO and incredible content can be for your organic traffic?

Look no further than the graphs below:

Since we’ve begun handling SEO and providing two blogs per month for a fine-jewelry-industry client, their organic monthly visits have been soaring, with May finishing at 492 (their best month ever)!

Also, you might notice the small fact that their organic visits are currently up 230% over last year!!!  Wouldn’t you love to have numbers like this? Call us.

4.  Event I’d Kill to Attend: Converted 2017

Where: Minneapolis, MN

When: Oct. 17-18

Tickets: Click for Pricing.

Presented By: Leadpages

Why: I’m all about conversions, and that’s the focus of this entire conference. From how to drive the hottest traffic, to successful lead nurturing, to winning upsell techniques, Converted is all about establishing long-lasting, multi-conversion relationships with your customers.

The keynote is famed director, Kevin Smith, followed by a healthy mix of marketing pros from great companies like Leadpages, Design Pickle and PlusThis.

Interesting note: If you’re willing to pay the top ticket price, you can also get “Drip Certified” during the conference, which means you’ll learn how to use (and teach others to use) Leadpages’ marketing automation and email platform, Drip.

5. The Rave: This week I get the honor of introducing Solutions 8’s Director of Special Initiatives, Christopher Smith. A native Arizonian, Chris got his business start in the field of health and fitness (see him getting ready to take 1st place in his first-ever fitness competition, below) and spent over a decade working as a personal trainer, personal trainer, one-on-one coach, nutrition planner, etc.

It was through building his own brand that Chris first got interested in digital marketing, as he began to realize his aptitude for video marketing, voiceovers and social media management, which in turn fueled his contribution to the development of a multimillion-dollar custom nutrition service.

Once Chris became hopelessly hooked on all things digital, it was only a matter of time until his good friend, Kasim, tapped him to join our team. Says Kasim, I’m really excited to have Chris on board. I’ve known him for years and was thrilled when the opportunity presented itself to add him to our team. He’s a ‘get it done’ type and someone that I know is going to be a huge asset to Solutions 8.”

Says Chris,  “I’m the kind of person who is constantly learning and wanting to grow. Shifting my focus from fitness to digital marketing has been both rewarding and challenging, but I enjoy that part of it too, since being uncomfortable means that I’m growing.

“The thought of taking an idea and working on it until it becomes a thriving business is very exciting and, even more, I get to do this for some incredible people.”

Chris continues to gain fresh marketing insight by running an eCommerce boutique with his wife and, in his spare time, can be found caving, cave tubing, skydiving, off-roading, scuba diving and, especially, traveling and creating lasting memories.

6. Best-of-the-Week Outside Blog: This week’s pick from Marketing Profs serves as an excellent defense of embracing failure in your content marketing, as well as a complete guide to using that failure to your utmost advantage.

I love anything that has to do with making lemonade out of lemons, and this blog doesn’t disappoint:

How to Improve Your Content Marketing by Embracing Failure

7. One of the Good Ones: Shriner’s Hospitals for Children is perhaps one of the more well-known nonprofits we’ve covered in this newsletter and, because of the work they do, we hope they keep being talked about, by everyone, for an eternity.

Not only do they provide life-saving and -changing care to children suffering from:

  • Orthopaedic Conditions
  • Burns
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Cleft Lip/Palate
  • Etc.

But they provide it “without regard to race, color, creed, sex or sect, disability, national origin, or ability of a patient or family to pay.”

You can donate here, volunteer at one of their several locations, host an event or make non-monetary donations.

8. The Thinker: “Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away at just below the conscious level.”Dr. Joyce Brothers

Stay cool!


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