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So glad you’re back! Today we’re talking about the joys of being helpful, why you need your own email newsletter, the advertising budgets of small businesses and how heading to Minneapolis in August will turn you into a digital marketing pro.



Dig in:

1. 1000 lb. Sentence(s): “Think about changing the mantra from always be closing, to always be helping.” Jonathan Lister, LinkedInVice President of Sales Solutions for North America

We talk a lot around here (and in our newsletters) about adding value. We strive to do that for our clients and we help them do it for their customers.

When we add value, we help. We do it by putting the “pitch” on the back burner and offering content that’s useful, informative, relevant, hopefully, interesting and sometimes entertaining.

In case you were in the dark about this, it’s kind of why we keep sending you this newsletter.

Yeah, obviously we’re trying to sell something. But more than that, we actually do want to help you succeed in your business endeavors, whether you buy anything from us or not.

So we create and curate content that we know will help with that and pass it along. Because around here, coffee’s for helpers. (Closers get it too, we’re just not jerks about it).

Here, have a nice chunk of value on us: How your competition steals your client before you know it…

2. Win of the Week: Speaking of our newsletter, we decided that now, nearly four months after we blasted the first one, would be a good time to crunch the numbers and see how it’s performing.

Since we sent the first one on Feb. 10th of this year, “8 that Rate” has enjoyed an average 40.7% open rate and a 6.8% click rate.

That sounds pretty good, but it sounds amazing when you consider our industry average, which is an open rate of 17.81% and a click rate of 1.92%.

Heck, the industry with the highest average (arts and artists) only gets 27.23% with a 2.85% click rate.

You should really have your own newsletter. One that only resembles this one as far as performance, but otherwise sounds like you and is tailored to assist and delight your unique clientele. We can help with that.

3. Hot Tip: Oh, and while you’re thinking about what we just said, you can read this: Why Your Company Needs an Email Newsletter

4. Event I’d Kill to Attend: Digital Summit Minneapolis

Where: Minneapolis, MN

When: Aug. 14-15

Tickets: Click for Pricing.

Why: Attendees of this conference are getting a lot of bang for their buck, since even though Digital Summit is moderately priced, they’re offering 40+ sessions and workshops and featuring “entertaining, engaging and educational speakers from leading brands like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Salesforce, GoPro, The Economist, CBS, NBC and many more!”

They’re going to be covering anything and everything related to digital marketing, but it looks like this will be a particularly good fit for anyone needing improvement in the strategizing and content creation departments.

5. The Rave: This week we’re introducing one of our brilliant content creators, Josie Crecco. Always up for a new challenge, Josie loves meeting new clients, learning about their companies, discovering their “voices” and conveying that in the content she creates.


Josie has a B.S. in English from Wayne State College and, although she never set out to be a content creator, feels like she’s really found her niche. She says, “My favorite thing about content writing has to be the variety of topics I get to research. I’m rarely bored and really enjoy the strategic aspects of what I do. It’s fun to become fully invested in a project and see it end up a winner.”




When she’s not glued to her computer, Josie is reading good books, indulging her voracious appetite for pop culture, killing it on Words With Friends, hanging out with her two kids and taking care of her “lovestock,” which includes dogs, cats, goats, geese, chickens and one very old ferret.

6. Best-of-the-Week Outside Blog: Do ever you wonder how other small businesses spend their marketing dollars? Or what’s so great about investing in SEO? Or why so many businesses think it’s so important to have a great website?

This thought-provoking “Mention” blog, based on a recent Hubspot survey, answers all those questions and more: What Do Small Business Marketing Budgets Look Like in 2017?

7. One of the Good Ones: No one likes imagining a situation in which one of their children are suffering from a serious, life-threatening illness, but for too many, that scenario is all too real.

Which is why it’s great to know that there’s a place like St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospitals. With over “80 pediatric physician specialists representing 25 medical and surgical disciplines,” St. Joseph’s is known as a nationwide leader in pediatric heart and cancer care.

It’s also a place where parents are encouraged to stay with their children so families can play, watch movies or just be together during a difficult time, which is the best medicine for any young patient.

There are several great ways to support St. Joseph’s, including online donations, Peter Pan Club, Children’s Creations Art Program, Infusionarium, and more . . .

8. The Thinker:Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don’t believe is right.”  – Jane Goodall

Same time next week!


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