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Happy Friday! Today’s menu includes commentary on the importance of “search stories,” the deets on our latest killer list building funnel, the skinny on AdWords extensions and an insightful bit about adding value.

Let’s get it started:

1. 1000 lb. Sentence(s): Every search has a story. Find it.” Chris Thunder, Founder of TenScores, author, AdWords authority

Great quote. It’s concise, seems like simple advice and speaks to the very heart of what we do here every day.

And the advice is simple, even though the methods we use to “find stories” aren’t.

Anytime a person performs a search, their story started long before.  It’s our job to identify and completely understand our protagonist (searcher) before we can truly understand (a) what motivated their search and (b) how to get them to listen to us over everyone else.

But getting their attention is not even bringing us halfway through the narrative. Even if we can successfully cue a click and funnel our protagonist to the next step, we still have to have a profoundly accurate idea of what they want to find when they get there.

Or they turn around and leave. Story over.

If you’d like to read more about how our funnels keep stories alive, Kasim recently penned a short blog about it: PPC Management Alone is Not Enough

2. Win of the Week: OK, this happened a couple of days ago and I’m still so psyched about I haven’t needed coffee ever since. (I just drink it now because I like the taste.)

We recently launched one of our masterfully constructed list-building funnels for a brand-new client. The funnel involved two separate landing pages that were fed by a blog post and an email campaign and, in the space of just one business day, we had these results:

  • Landing Page #1: 115 opt-ins/172 visits = 66.86% conversion rate
  • Landing Page #2: 45 opt-ins/184 visits = 24.46% conversion rate

From those opt-ins, 16 people decided to become paying members of our client’s organization and continue receiving regular communications.

If you’d like to see something like this happen for your business, call me.

3. Hot Tip: Hopefully, if you’re running Google AdWords you know what extensions are. If you don’t, or if you’d like to see a short list of the ones we think you should be using, please click and consume: 5 Google Adwords Extensions You Should Start Using Today

4. Event I’d Kill to Attend: The Content Experience
Where: Toronto, ON
When: August 22-23
Tickets: Click for pricing.
Presented By: Uberflip

Why: Besides the fact that I’d much rather be in Toronto in August than Arizona, this affordably-priced event promises that you’ll “walk away with so much content marketing knowledge, you won’t know where to even start.”

Heavy-hitter speakers include Convince & Convert’s Jay Baer, MarketingProf’s Ann Handley, Orbit Media’s Andy Crestodina and Unbounce’s Oli Gardener.

It’s true: you can never know too much about content, which makes it a perpetually compelling and exciting topic. Why not learn about it in a beautiful city like Toronto?

5. The Rave: Speaking of content, this week I get the pleasure of talking about our incredibly creative, talented and seemingly tireless Director of Content, Patience Hurlburt Lawton.



Although Patience earned her bachelor’s degree from Champlain College in the field of professional writing, her first love is, and always has been music.

“I’ve been playing guitar since the 8th grade when I started my first garage band, The Filangis. We recorded a two-song album and played two shows – it was embarrassing and awesome. Although I desperately wanted to be a punk musician, I became a songwriter,” says Patience, with a smile.



She also says, “This is the best job I’ve ever had and I can’t believe I get paid to write. I love learning new things constantly and breaking down sometimes uber-complex information to be easily understood and enjoyed through content.”

Indeed, Patience has as much of the left-brain savvy it takes to put jumbled bits of complicated information in proper logical order as she does the right-brain finesse to turn it all into something easy, and even fun, to read.

In her spare time, Patience enjoys being outside and staying active, especially if it involves her trusty German Shepherd mutt, Jackson. And speaking of her right brain here’s what it’s been up to Best Thing

6. Best-of-the-Week Outside Blog: This blog from the marketing consultant, author, and keynote speaker Mark Schaefer grabbed my attention immediately because we spend more than a fair amount of time here trying to find ways to increase value for our clients.

Also, it pertains to what I was talking about before, which is finding out what types of “needs,” both conscious and subconscious, drive people’s decisions.

Enjoy: The 30 possible ways you can create customer value

7. One of the Good Ones: ONE Campaign is a little different than other cases we’ve talked about but no less deserving. Organized with the goal of “ending extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa,” ONE operates through campaigning, advocacy, and education.

The issues One tackles include infectious diseases, agriculture, transparency, energy, development assistance, maternal & child health, water & sanitation, debt cancellation, education and trade & investment.

Although ONE doesn’t solicit public donations, there are several nationwide volunteer opportunities, or you can read about and join ONE’s Budget Action Team. For most people, reading about ONE and browsing through their site is a real eye-opener – at least it was for us.

8. The Thinker: How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”  – Anne Frank

Same time next week!


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