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Settle in for some essential web design tips, compelling reasons you should be guest blogging, more CPL (Cost Per Lead) prowess, Kasim’s latest adventure and how to create a killer “About Us” page for your website . . .

1. 1000 lb. Sentence: “Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”Joe Sparano, University of Washington design lecturer, teacher

Exactly. Kind of like a perfect waiter in a great restaurant. You know, the kind you barely notice, yet everything appears magically before you, almost before you know you want it?

Great design is unobtrusive and never gratuitous. It’s meant to be both a perfect complement and a means to an end.

The most important job of any website, besides racking up conversions, is representing your company. And when it comes to websites, it can take only a split second for a potential customer to decide to bounce.

Which is why it’s imperative you make it count. Here’s a quick-read blog with some website design tips:

10 Website Design Tips You Can’t Afford to Overlook

But if you have more in-depth questions, we handle those too.

2. Hot Tip: We’ve been hammering home the idea that relevant, useful and well-written content is key for your website, blog, emails, etc. for quite some time now, but we haven’t really touched on the fact that you should also be creating great content for websites that don’t belong to you.

That’s right – it’s called guest blogging and it’s a great way to build traffic, links, relationships, audiences, etc. As luck would have it, we’ve written a blog to help you get started:

The Art of Guest Blogging and Why It Matters

3. Win of the Week: We’re all about CPL (Cost Per Lead) again this week! We recently took over a new client’s lead acquisition campaign and, in the space of roughly a month and a half, we’ve been able to bring their CPL down from $2.02 to $0.58!!!

Not only that but in the same time period, we’ve also helped them generate a total of 1,133 leads. Looking for your leads? We might know where they are . . .

4. Event I’d Kill to Attend: MarTech
Where: Boston, MA
When: October 2-4
Tickets: Click for Pricing.

Why: As a raging technophile who happens to be a project manager at a digital marketing firm, this conference seems tailor-made for me, since it promises to, “cross-pollinate the best ideas and latest innovations across marketing, technology, and management.”

Indeed, MarTech is all about marketing to techies (or vice versa) and it’s four-track agenda allows you to fill your days following one or several, with breakouts featuring marketing pros from Staples, Dr. Martens, GoDaddy, Red Wing Shoes, Microsoft, etc.

Plus, seeing Boston in the fall is reason enough. You should go to this. I should go to this.

5. KasimTracker: It should be no secret by now that our CEO, Kasim Aslam, is a bit of a roamer, appearing here, there and everywhere in his mission to spread the good word on digital marketing, meet tons of great people, soak up knowledge and otherwise represent, so we’re going to start checking in on him from time to time.

This week, Kasim appeared on Loud Rumor’s “The GSD Show”, hosted by fitness and marketing guru, Mike Arce, which features leaders and experts in the fitness and marketing arenas.

Watch Mike get Kasim’s take on paid advertising, content and email strategies, as well as his (brilliant, as always) opinions and advice on Facebook Ads:

Way to go, Kasim! Tune into KasimWatch later this month for an exciting announcement about his newest breakout speaking gig at an upcoming conference that everyone should kill to attend.

6. 6. Best-of-the-Week Outside Blog: Contently’s blog, What the Internet’s Best ‘About Us’ Pages Can Teach Brands, takes us to some of the world’s best “About Us” pages and tells us why they work.

This is a great place to get some inspiration for your own “About Us” page, especially since, as this blog points out, “About Us pages seem to be both under-appreciated and under-leveraged.”

And even though the approaches each company utilizes vary wildly from one another (Wide Broadcast, Modern Face, Pure & Simple), they all work because they’re the best representation of the one-of-a-kind company that created them.

7. One of the Good Ones: Solutions 8 supports NPR, and its local affiliates KBAQ and KJZZ, not only because we love the privilege of having a free-to-all source of some of the world’s best music, but because we appreciate its offering of diverse perspectives; programming that’s eclectic, educational and entertaining; and its award-winning journalism.

If you’re interested in learning more, here are some important links:

8. The Thinker: “The only things worth learning are the things you learn after you know it all.” – Harry S. Truman

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