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For you, today, we’ve got some basic psychology on tap, as well as the word on wearables, CPL (Cost Per Lead) envy, client love and a studied take on the EU’s Google judgment . . .


1. 1000 lb. Sentence: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

I know – we usually save our “non-marketing/business” quotes for the end of the email. But, surprise! This is totally a marketing/business quote.

 And Psychology Today backs me up with their compelling blog, How Emotions Influence What We Buy.

 It’s probably no secret to any of you that, according to the research, emotional responses to ads have a much greater influence on intent to buy than what the ad has to say about the product.

So, it’s not even down to how good your product really is – it’s all about how people feel about it. Or, how they feel about themselves after they’ve purchased it.

It’s something we consider heavily in every marketing strategy we build and never forget when creating content.

In fact, we’ve written a blog about how to imbue your content with just the right amount of emotion. You know, how to be charming and relatable; not creepy like a first date who wants to meet your parents tomorrow and asks for a lock of your hair . . .

Blogging Tips That Will Help Your Dating Life

2. Hot Tip: To trendwatchers everywhere, it seems the tide might be turning again for the smart watch. After a not-so-glorious debut, it looks like sales are picking up and they’re once again attracting some good buzz.

Will there be far-reaching implications for marketers if smartwatches become the rage they’re fighting valiantly to become? For sure. We decided to take a look at just a couple of the most obvious ones in our blog:

Will the World Ever Belong to Wearables?

3. Win of the Week: Today we’re celebrating the ridiculously low CPL (Cost Per Lead) we’ve helped a longtime client achieve for the month of June.

A CPL of $38.09 may not sound that impressive until you consider that our client is a highly respected private school. Also, these aren’t just any leads . . .

For this metric, we didn’t count leads who were just interested in “hearing more.” Nope. All 17 of these leads have opted for tours of the school.

I believe this type of lead falls into the “red hot” category.

Considering the product and the lead quality in this case, we think you’ll agree that a $38.09 CPL is a steal.

We don’t have a school for you to tour, but if you’d like to hear more, you know what to do.

4. Event I’d Kill to Attend: Litmus Live
Where: Take your pick: Boston, London or San Francisco
When: August 2-4, August 29-30 or Sept 21-22
Tickets: Click for Pricing: Boston, London or San Francisco

Why: I would love to go to this conference at any one of the locations because this one’s something we’ve been putting an ever-increasing amount of focus on email marketing.

If you don’t already know what a big, intriguing and elaborate topic email is to us marketers, just let me say that what you now know about email is probably as much as I know about quantum physics.

And I don’t say that to be insulting, especially since email awareness is certainly not beyond your grasp, whereas quantum physics might be a little beyond mine . . .

I only mean that until you look at email from a marketer’s perspective, you’ll never know how much psychology, science, measurement, testing, ingenuity, creativity, etc., go into a successful email campaign or, more important, what a successful campaign means for a business.

Indeed, the wee email is a mighty player in this game. Depending on which one you attend, 20-30+ sessions, two-to-three tracks and access to slides and videos from all three conferences – this one’s a winner.

5. Client Spotlight: We’re debuting a new feature this week because we felt it was high time to introduce you to some of the incredible companies we get to do business with.

We’re going to begin one of our long-time favorites:

Founded in 1988, Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments has been distributing and importing state-of-the-art ophthalmic products worldwide, while building a reputation for outstanding service, value, and commitment to their customers.

Part of that commitment means traveling the world to find, test and bring back ophthalmic instruments of the highest caliber, but at the best prices. Importing products to their specifications allows Veatch to insist upon and maintain the high level of quality their growing number of customers, worldwide, have become used to.

We asked Veatch President, Kyna Veatch, what sets her company apart:

“We take a unique and consultative approach to our customers to really learn about their needs and provide the best overall solutions.  Our goals are to improve their level of patient care while providing technology that generates revenue through increased efficiency.”

 And their mission statement gets an A for creativity (and awesomeness).

V – Value added service in an
E- Ethical manner, with an
A- Attitude of listening to our customers, building a
T- Trustworthy relationship that will solidify
C- Confidence in our industry as an
H- Honorable company that customers will choose to do business with.

 As clients, it’s been an honor to work with people as forward-thinking and talented as Kyna and the team at Veatch. Working with clients like Veatch isn’t only exciting and enjoyable for us, it’s educational too. Our thanks to Kyna and everyone at Veatch!!!

6. Best-of-the-Week Outside Blog: If you’ve been a paying a much (or even a smidgen) of the attention I have to the EU’s recent judgment against Google, you know that there’s no shortage of opinion out there.

I particularly enjoyed the parsing of this case, as performed by Will Critchlow, in this fantastic Distilled blog: The EU is Wrong, but Google is Still in Trouble

7. One of the Good OnesSOS Children’s Villages was founded in 1949 when the first village was established by Hermann Gmeiner in response to the number of children that were left orphaned, homeless or impoverished by the Second World War.

Since then, this incredible organization has expanded its reach to over 134 countries and territories worldwide, offering homes, families, nutrition, guidance, education, advocacy, etc., to children who wouldn’t otherwise have these necessities. And they do it in a way that’s respectful of each child’s culture and customs.

This organization is one we especially love and strongly urge everyone to learn more about. You can get involved through sponsoring & donation, corporate partnerships, internships & volunteering, philanthropy, etc.

8. The Thinker: “When someone does a small task beautifully, their whole environment is affected by it.” – Jerry Seinfeld

Same time next week!


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