What Is Marketing Automation? A Brief Overview


In basic terms, Marketing Automation is the use of software tools to make your marketing strategy smarter and leaner. It’s a broad subject covering several specific aspects of marketing (at least insofar as demographic intelligence, traffic analytics, and workflow can be automated) but most generally refers to creating dynamic campaigns based on individual behavior to more effectively convert leads into sales. Along with design-focused web development, SEO, social media and traditional marketing, marketing automation forms a critical part of your overall marketing strategy.

In a typical example, a firm wants to create an email marketing campaign. They already have a database of potential leads, but want a way to treat each lead differently instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach. Well, with automation tools, you can create a narrative, giving just the right material at just the right time. Or, you can specify rules for anomalous cases, making sure that people always receive marketing content in a logical manner, no matter what stage of the sales funnel they step in at. Leads will receive emails, and then their own reactions to those emails will automatically determine the content and timing of the next round of material.

Some sophisticated marketing automation tools are developed to the point of being sold turnkey and managed by the seller on behalf of the client. Campaigns can be created for spans of weeks or months, and are accompanied by regular, actionable analytics reports. These types of tools are the culmination of the marketer’s dream, combining transparency and flexibility with reliability and ease-of-use.

Marketing Automation And You: Why It’s Important To Your Business

Marketing automation is better for you and your customers. Automation saves you time, money, and keeps you focused on what matters. Rather than getting bogged down in low-level repetitive tasks, free yourself or your team to work on higher-level priorities. Your business shouldn’t have to itself be an expert in marketing to run an effective campaign; you’re already busy enough being an expert in your field. Automation allows you to connect very effectively with your potential customers while still maintaining a relatively hands-off approach.

If you opt for a fully-managed package, you can rest even easier knowing that a team of designers and developers is overseeing every aspect of your campaign. Your customers get a more personalized approach to marketing based on their own demographics and activity, and you get detailed reports showing growth and opportunity for new growth. Customers appreciate the thoughtfulness that this type of marketing conveys, and you’ll appreciate the ease to which it can fit into your existing marketing strategy.

The benefits are clear: reduced overhead, smarter marketing, better engagement with customers and higher lead conversion. It’ll save you time but the resulting quality will look like you put even greater time into it. It can be run almost completely independently, with your input only required for the highest-level decisions. The only question is: why aren’t you already on board?

Image credit: https://flic.kr/p/5DQKyC