Truth: using Adwords without adding extensions is like buying a gym membership and only using the leg press. Sure, you’re going to get some results, but only in the same old places, while whole other areas for potential growth stay underdeveloped and ignored.

Using Adwords extensions is like diversifying your workout – working different areas will deliver more comprehensive results so that your business, as a whole, will grow stronger and be in a position to take on bigger challenges.

Adwords extensions are powerful, free snippets of information that not only draw attention to your ad, but offer click-cuing information that increases engagement, boosts recognition and sends customers right down the funnel to your site.

Although Adwords offers both manual and automatic extensions, the five we’re going to cover today are manual:

1. Sitelink Extension – Essentially links that route users to specific pages of your site, sitelink extensions appear as small, clickable descriptions of the pages customers might be interested in, e.g., Store Hours, 50% Off, Leather Gloves, Party Supplies, etc.

Typically, search engine users are in a bit of a hurry, so giving them the most direct route to what they’re looking for (rather than expecting them to go to your site and look around for it) should give you a competitive edge over ads without sitelinks (or the wrong

2. Location Extension – Just like it sounds, a location extension displays your store’s address with a “directions” link or, in the case of mobile devices, the distance to your store along a with a map.

Being able to immediately see how close your store really is can serve as an excellent motivation for people to get into their cars (or turn their cars around) and drive right over.

3. Call Extension – Call extensions display your business’s phone number in your ad and, in the case of mobile devices, enable the user to call by clicking the number. They can also be set to only appear only when your business is open and able to receive calls.

Even better, you can turn on “call reporting” in your Adwords settings to track phone conversions from each ad you run, letting you know which ads are working and which need to be tweaked.

4. Review Extension – If people are saying wonderful things about your products or services, that’s something potential customers should know. Review extensions allow you to add a line of text at the bottom of your ad that contains a quote from a positive review or accolade you’ve achieved.

In order to maintain integrity, Google asks that advertisers don’t use reviews that are over a year old, from private individuals (must be from organizations/publications), have been altered in any way, not from the original source or contain your business’s name.

5. Callout Extension – Every business has it’s own unique offerings and practices, so callout extensions were developed to let customers know what to expect, e.g., Free 3-Day Shipping, Plumbing Experts, Pet-Friendly, Free Quotes 24/7, etc.

Callout extensions let you display two-to-six offers per ad, which can significantly increase web traffic from people who are looking for something very specific and appreciate not having to hunt for it.

You can also tailor your callouts by ad or ad group, in case different offerings would appeal to different target audiences. For instance, you may only want to use the callout “Senior Discounts” in ads directed specifically toward senior citizens.

Even though we’ve only covered five extensions, there are many more that are just as worthwhile or, depending on your business, possibly more so. Google is constantly updating its extension offerings, as well as adding features, so it’s a good idea check your Adwords account often for new developments.

It’s also good to remember that, while ad extensions are free, they can end up costing you more in the form of increased clicks, which is a great thing, as long as those clicks lead to sales. If not, you need to check your ads to see why people aren’t finding what they want by clicking on them.

If you have questions about extensions, or how to build an ad that uses them to your best advantage, please feel free to reach out any time.