When you start making web videos to promote your business online you’ll have a few initial decisions to make. The first, and arguably one of the most important, is the “WHO”.

Who will be the face of…whatever it is you’re promoting. In the past organizations, especially larger ones have opted to hire professional talent. While I will admit that going this route eases some of the entry pains of making online videos you’re also putting yourself at a disadvantage in that you’re branding a person that really has nothing to do with your business and, beyond the script that you provide, no real knowledge of your offering.

Instead of ringing up your local talent scout and shelling out for that pretty guy/gal with the perfectly polished diction and big cheesy smile, think about using the folks that are actually going to be picking up the phone if the video happens to convert. Not only do these people know what they’re talking about but, in a strange way, you’ll be making them just a little famous.

You’ll begin to notice that, as your videos gain traction and begin picking up viewers, people will begin recognizing you in meetings and through first time introductions. You’ll begin hearing: “Oh! You’re the guy from the video!” If you can make your videos fun and informative then this will be a good thing.

Users who have seen you in a video or two will have an immediate comfort level with you without even realizing it. They won’t be eating out of your hands necessarily (though it would be nice) but you’ll be past the “get to know you” stage which is a huge jump in the sales process.

The take home message being this: try to make it so that the person in the video is the person that will ultimately be interfacing with your Clients.

There’s a caveat here and, for some of you, it’s a big on: No Teleprompter!

These videos need to be personal and viewers need to be able to see the “real” you. While it’s not unusual for us to use Teleprompters on shoots, when there’s a LOT of information to cover or a speaker is brand new to videos and there’s no time to get them comfortable, videos that feature a speaker “off book” tend to be exponentially more engaging.

“Talking head” videos shouldn’t exceed 90 seconds so you shouldn’t be covering an entire manual of information anyway. Make a few bullet points regarding the topic at hand and then speak into them just like you would if someone were sitting in front of you. Being natural is the key. Teleprompters destroy the natural feel to an online video and make them feel “sales pitchy”.

Don’t worry about small hiccups either – the slight “umms” and “uhhs” just remind people that you’re human. A little mistake here and there might even add to the humor and level of engagement. It’s not always easy at first but practice a few times until you feel comfortable and then…Keep ‘em coming!!

Need help filming and deploying your online videos? That’s an awfully interesting coincidence as we happen to have a full feature production studio in our office! Stop on by and let us show you what we can do.