The shot above is of our production studio. While most digital marketing firms tend to outsource this kind of work, we have the entire package in-house: from state-of-the-art equipment to the highly skilled personnel required to make magic happen. I’m not saying that having the ability to push video production jobs through in real time and at the convenience of our clients (instead of some over-priced vendor) makes us exponentially better than the competition…actually, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

“With proper optimization, video increases the chance of a front-page Google result by 53x.” – Sourced from the Forrester blog.

While video is a mildly daunting undertaking (in the beginning) it presents an amazing opportunity in the world of search engine optimization. The opportunity is rooted in Google’s near obsession with site and content age and the fact that, when it comes to video, they would appear to have ignored their own rules.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process within which a web master attempts to make his/her site more relevant to search engines in order to appear higher (preferably on the top half of the first page of search results). One of the issues with organizations who are just starting out is that it is extremely difficult to compete with peer companies that have an “aged” online presence.

Let’s assume that your competitor’s website is five years old and they’re doing a great job of updating content on a weekly basis. If you’re just starting out, the battle that you need to fight is decidedly uphill. How is it that we can convince Google (the world’s smartest search engine) that you’re more relevant than an application that has, for half a decade, been providing high-value, relevant content? It’s not impossible, but it’s a tough chia pet to get growing.

What if there was a way to even the playing field?

Videos flatten the battle field and remove the high ground from the well-entrenched, well-aged sites. The reason I say this is that the age of a video has little to do with its relevance in the eyes of Google AND since Google has begun inserting alternative results (such as images and videos) directly into the organic key phrase search results, this allows a new competitor the opportunity to capture page one ranking with relative ease when compared to traditional SEO.

Here are some in-action tips: and have a period at the end.

Like it or not, YouTube houses nearly half of the world’s online videos which, means it’s the best-optimized video delivery application online. If you’re hosting your videos elsewhere you’re doing yourself a disservice as far as vSEO goes. Not to mention the fact that Google owns YouTube, which makes it safe to say Youtube is a fertile ground for Google’s delivery plucking service to frolic through.

Just because it’s a video doesn’t mean you don’t need content.

You can’t just post your video to YouTube and expect the hits to fly in. Make sure the title of your video is descriptive, since the more general it is the more “sludge” results you’re going to end up competing with. Also take advantage of the “description” and “tag” features allow you to further describe your video.

A little kick start never hurt anything.

Unlike the early 2000s when online content seemed to magically promote itself, we now live in an era that finds itself buried in a mass of “information”. The more views your video garners the more relevant it will appear, so make sure to do things like post it on your company facebook page, include the best of your monthly videos in your email blast and embed it on the home page of your website.

The last thing I say before releasing you to the world of bloggers not quite as good as myself is this: one video won’t cut it. Get consistent and stay that way. Aggregate a following and keep feeding them good, solid content on your industry. This is the way to digital marketing success!