Is there anything more troublesome than installing the Facebook Pixel? Have you found yourself wishing there existed some sort of service whose sole function is to install the Facebook Pixel for you?

At Solutions 8, we’re all about wish-granting, so we’ve developed Facebook Pixel Helper, the first ever Facebook Pixel installation service.

If you’ve already used Facebook Pixels, you know how absolutely necessary they are to running a successful Facebook Ads campaign. If you’ve been thinking about using Facebook Ads, but know little to nothing of the pixel, here’s why you should be using them:

Facebook Pixels . . .

  • Allow you to track visitors to your website for future ad targeting.
  • Help you build “website custom audiences” by identifying groups of users based on shared behavior, e.g. visitors to a specific page, visitors within the last 24 hours, visitors within the last 30 days, etc.
  • Create custom conversion trackers so you can see how well an ad is performing, both numerically and monetarily.

Though you may have had brief success with a Facebook ad without utilizing the pixel, there’s no way to be sustainably successful without it. Which leads us back to the fact that it’s a beast to install, especially the higher your page count gets.

Facebook Pixel Helper to the Rescue!

How does this grab you: for the modest price of just $100.00 (plus $10 per page and $5 per custom parameter), Facebook Pixel Helper will install those perplexing pixels so you can get back to being creative and growing your brand.

Things to know up front:

  • Currently, this service is only offered for WordPress websites.
  • This service ONLY covers pixel installation on pages/events of your choosing, as well as initial confirmation that they’re in working order. After that, troubleshooting and maintenance is up to you.
  • Newly installed pixels that don’t fire correctly due to webpage errors are not our responsibility and charges for those are nonrefundable, but we’ll be sure to provide you with a list of defective pages should that occur.
  • Though completion time depends on the how many pages/events we’re covering, the average timeline for a website with less than 50 pages is between five and seven business days.
  • All fees are nonrefundable.

How We Make It Easy

If you’re still a candidate, let’s take some time to go over how Facebook Pixel Helper works . . .

Step 1

Recommended: Watch the instructional videos for each step – you’ll be glad you did.

For your security, we’ll need you to create a new “user” in WordPress so that we can access your website without using your existing user name or password.

Enter the new user name and email address into the fields provided on FB Pixel Helper, as well as your phone number and website information.

Step 2

Log into your Facebook Ads account, go into your “Ads Manager” menu and click on “Pixels.”

Click on the green “Create a Pixel” button to proceed to the “Create a Facebook Pixel” window, where you’ll generate and name your pixel, after which you’ll have to agree to Facebook’s terms (you should really read these!) before you can move on.

(Note: Keep your pixels properly labeled, separated and secure, since they have been known to get accidentally “crossed” or implemented on the wrong sites/pages, which renders your data unusable.)

In the “Install You Pixel Code” window, simply click “Copy and Paste the Code” to advance automaticaly to the “Install Pixel” window, where you’ll click option number one, “Install Pixel Base Code.”

You can skip right over the instructions and move your cursor to the code contained in the big box in section 1.2, which will turn blue and give you the option to “Copy Code to Clipboard.” Click it.

Now that you have the code, you’re going to paste it to the space provided in “FB Pixel Helper” labled, “Paste your Facebook pixel here (Required).”

Step 3

You now have two options:

A) If you want to avoid the tedium of adding standard events to every single page on your website (especially if you haven’t created any events or customizations), you can just check the “I don’t want any standard events” box, give us your root domain and we’ll simply install your base code in your “Themes” header.

(Note: You may have noticed we don’t recommend option A, mostly because the “Custom Conversions” tracking it enables you to do can be 20-30% less accurate than the tracking that can be done on an individually onboarded pixel.)

We believe the tedium is worth it, since standard events are the only way to precisely track page visits and conversions, i.e. the only way you’re going to truly know how successful your ads are.  So we recommend:

B) Enter the URL of the first page you’d like tracked and choose from the list of standard events below it. Upon clicking, you’ll see a dropdown list of optional custom parameters. If you already have a healthy understanding of these, great. Otherwise, you need to learn about them first or not use them at all. While they do have their benefits, you can still track effectively without them.

To add new pages, just click the “plus” symbol. You can add as many pages as you like, but you might want to create a spreadsheet of all your URLs (along with events) before you begin entering them, since your session could time out if you’re adding a large amount.

Tip: When tracking conversions, remember to place the standard event on the page that indicates a conversion has already occurred. In fact, it’s a great idea for every conversion on your site to result in a “Thank You” page that’s had a “Lead” standard event added to it, so you can differentiate visitors from actual leads.

On a final note, whether you’re already using Facebook Ads or just tire-kicking, we’d like you to know that the team at Solutions 8 is made up of masterclass Facebook Ads professionals. You can bet that since we’re Digital Marketer andInfusionsoft Certified Partners, we offer cutting-edge digital strategies, state-of-the-art tools and incomparable creativity.

So If you’re looking for someone to manage your Facebook Ads campaigns, or any other aspect of your company’s digital marketing landscape, give us a shout! We’re here to help.