And say hello to Facebook’s Engaged Audience!

Facebook recently announced their new way to pixel and retarget people who engage with your Facebook Ads and business page called “Engagement on Facebook”

Facebook’s Engaged Audience!

An engagement audience is a way to create an audience who watched one of your videos (ad or organic), filled out one of your Facebook Lead Ad forms, opened your canvas, or even simply engaged with your page on Facebook.

Facebook Lead Ad forms

Why is this important? Well, essentially you can now combine your organic and paid strategies together into one amazing and powerful targeted and retargeted audience.

Traditionally, you were only able to target or retarget people who engaged with your Pay-Per-Click ads or visited your website, did not convert, and left. They could then be turned into a “Website Custom Audience.” This was great, but it was expensive and only worked if you had a specific targeted campaign running.

With this new “Engagement Audience,” you can now compound the effectiveness of ad campaigns by leveraging your organic strategy. Let’s say you have never run an ad campaign, but you have posted tons of videos online, did social posting and outreach, and have a conversion asset email that asks people to like your page after they opted in or made a purchase.

You can now target and retarget those 5,000 people (example) who have interacted with your page in many ways shapes and forms.

You can now target and retarget

Why is this exciting for you? Because now you have an audience to target!

You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars (or even have a website for that matter) in order to start effectively marketing to an audience that you KNOW is interested in you and your brand.

Nervous about setting it up or running it yourself? Well gosh, if only there was a digital marketing agency our there with 10 years of experience and numerous accommodations & certifications that could do it for you…if only