…But if You’re a Content Marketer, You’re Gonna Need It.

Look, you can’t always be a creative genius

Look, you can’t always be a creative genius

Sometimes, content marketers run out of fresh ideas for their blogs. It’s okay.

content marketers run out of fresh ideas for their blogs

I’m going to give you a serious content marketer hack to quickly and (almost) effortlessly create an exceptional blog post:


When it comes to content marketing

That’s right. When it comes to content marketing, I’m telling you to be a big thief.

(Sorry, mom.)

Here’s what I mean:

There’s a lot of content on the internet. So much, in fact, it’s pretty hard to be heard over all the noise.

Here’s what I mean

But, every once in a while, there is a piece of content—a blog, side share, infographic, video, or a photo—that goes viral. It explodes. It becomes more popular than the kid with fresh Jordan’s in middle school.

fresh Jordan’s in middle school

And I’m telling you to take that piece of content and use it for your own benefit.

 Here’s How

So, stealing might be the wrong word. What I’m telling you to do is actually perfectly legal—in fact, the creator of a viral video or article wants you to use his or her content on your website.

If you want to create a quick, insta-hit blog, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find a really popular video (or infographic, or photo, or audio clip…) from an expert in the field that is relevant to you/your brand
  2. Embed this viral piece of content on your blog
  3. Give your reaction (do you agree? Do you disagree? How is it relevant to you?)

This is formally known as an “Embed Reactor” blog by the digital gurus at Digital Marketer—and it really is that simple.

Check out this video that explains a bit more about embed reactor blogs:

Why It Works

Why It Works

So, a popular piece of content has already proved itself to be successful and worth consuming.

By embedding it (and providing proper citation and credit) to your own blog, you are taking advantage of its popularity, while simultaneously benefiting the author. It’s a symbiotic relationship!

Providing a thoughtful reaction to the content that relates back to your brand is a quick and easy way to create a popular post.

So, no more excuses, you creative genius. Get back to work.