I recently stumbled across a little tool that accomplishes something extremely rare.

It does exactly one thing and it does it perfectly.

Meet Loom.

01 Meet Loom

Loom is a screen recording extension that boasts a one-click install and a slick user interface

Loom is an “ultra-flexible communication tool with endless use cases.” To put it simply, it’s a screen recorder tool that’s actually fun to use.

My past experience with screen recorders has been spotty to say the least. They usually involved terrible design, shoddy functionality, and user experiences so bad that I almost always uninstall right away (sorry, CamStudio).

Enter Loom, a simple, perfect little Chrome extension. You simply login with your Google credentials and you’re basically done with setup. To start a screen recording, click on the Loom icon in the top right hand bar of your Chrome window and select the “Start Recording” button that shows up in the middle of your screen.

02 Loom Chrome extension

The “start recording” button appears right after you click the Loom Chrome extension

Now, here’s where Loom becomes incredible, goes supernova, achieves enlightenment, etc. Instead of downloading your video file to your computer where you would then have to find it, figure out how to share it, and spend valuable minutes doing it, Loom does it all for you.

When your recording is done, Loom takes you directly over to where your video lives in your account. You can share it by the provided link, write a description, and download it to your computer, all from your Loom.

03 - Loom also hosts your video

Loom also hosts your video so others can view it or comment on it.

Those who access the video through the link can not only view your video but also comment and download it themselves. It’s a screen recording, video hosting, and team collaboration tool all rolled into a beautifully designed product that has majorly simplified my workflow.

To sign up, you can go to useloom.com or here.