When it comes to automated marketing, there are many great options out there and we’ve had success with more than one. Lately, we’re becoming increasingly impressed with relative newcomer, Klaviyo.

Expanding from a two-person startup in 2012 to a team of 50+ that serves thousands of companies of all sizes, worldwide, Klaviyo is fast becoming a leader in revenue-driving, highly targeted automated email marketing.

While most platforms allow you to choose specific audiences for different campaigns and many can be set up to be responsive to customer/subscriber activity, it’s Klaviyo’s ease of use and hyper-intuitiveness that has us singing its praises.

We love the fact that Klaviyo can interface directly with your eCommerce store so that any time a customer (or even potential customer) takes a particular action, it triggers an email campaign specific to that action.

For instance, if a shopper abandons their cart, Klaviyo can send a “reengagement” email within a few hours or days (your choice). Whereas customers who have purchased amounts large enough to exceed limits set by you can receive “brand advocate” emails designed to engender affinity with and loyalty to your store.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what action, or non-action, is taken, because Klaviyo’s “flow” parameters are super easy to define and set, which means you can send specialized emails to prospects, leads and customers at every phase of your sales funnel.

But it’s gets better: let’s say you have a four-email “winback” campaign specifically designed to convert customers who haven’t purchased from you in 90 days and the 2nd email contains a coupon code for 20% off. Since Klaviyo interfaces with your store, it knows which customers end up using the code and automatically cancels the last two emails to those addresses.

This kind of intuitiveness is applicable to any combination of parameters and enables Klaviyo to work in the background, around the clock, to raise brand awareness, build engagement and cue conversions literally while you sleep.

Of course, if you’d like to immediately view the monetary effectiveness of Klaviyo, you can append gclid or UTM parameters that can filter into your Google Analytics account and not only tell you how much money each of your campaigns is making you, but which emails within those campaigns are the real breadwinners.

Using this information, you can decide which campaigns are keepers, which may need a few emails shaved off and which need a complete overhaul. At Solutions 8, we love creating killer email marketing content, so being able to plug that into a tool that gives us this kind of control, precision and testing capability is kind of a dream come true.

If you have questions about Klaviyo, email marketing campaigns, automated marketing, content creation, etc., please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime!