Consistency(I don’t hate the Phillys in case you’re wondering. Nor do I like the Phillys. I am baseball agnostic.)

Before you begin reading this blog, prepare yourself to disagree. Then prepare yourself to be haunted by the logic of it and to slowly, but ever so surely, be brought around to full agreement and subsequent long term compliance followed by endless devotion and admiration for the one who brought it to you.

My original statement in the first draft of this blog was that, in the realm of digital marketing, consistency is more important that innovation. Something about it didn’t sit well with me. I’ve revised it as follows: In the realm of digital marketing, consistency must come before innovation.

Consistency is the lifeblood of online marketing. It is the foundation of your digital strategy. It is the Force to your Luke Skywalker.

Am I being a little over dramatic? Possibly. Is there good reason for this? Absolutely.

The realm of inbound marketing (a term I have brazenly stolen from the inbound marketing gurus over at hubspot) has changed the world of marketing forever. Everything that is important to it is built upon a foundation of consistency. From database aggregation ( a fancy term that really just means collecting “leads”, to creating an online viewership) without consistency these things become impossible.

In the “here today, gone tomorrow” world that is the internet it’s important to lock in the attention of users on an ongoing basis in order to make any real headway into conversion. Users are becoming more and more liberal with actively engaging organizations that spark their interest. Click the “like” or “+1″ button has become second nature to a user who just watched your great online video and, in the moment, wants to see what else you come up with. The problem is this: that moment is fleeting and, if you don’t capitalize on it, can easily be forgotten to the billions of other “things” competing for your target user’s finite attention. How do you perform this so called capitalization I speak of? You be consistent.

If users become accustomed to some level of real value on a regular basis you will earn the all important user loyalty. This is the end goal ladies and gents. Create a foundation of consistent action that provides your user base with the tools and information to be successful in whatever field, realm or industry you happen to be schlepping and you will have found online success.

Is innovation important? Absolutely. Is it crucial – yeah, maybe it is. But consistency must come first. And you have to be consistent with your consistency. Sporadic consistency is not consistent at all and is also probably an oxymoron.

Join me next time for my blog on how not to contradict yourself or talk in circles.