Have you ever had your Google Chrome browser remember a password that you can’t, and then not reveal it? You have probably been frustrated with this before, saying to yourself, “It will allow me to login, why can’t it just tell me what that password is?!”Well, here’s a little secret to trick Chrome into telling you what that saved password is. Bonus: you get to feel like a hacker while doing it!

Step 1: From your Chrome browser (has to be Chrome), right click on your password and click “Inspect”.

01 WordPress Login

Step 2: You will see a line of code appear at the bottom of the screen. See the part of the code that reads “<input type “password”?”  The “password” part is what you will want to change, so go ahead and double click on that until it highlights.

02 Inspect Element

Step 3: After it’s been highlighted, you will need to change it from “Password” to anything else you would like. For the purposes of this demonstration, we chose “a”. Once you have changed it, go ahead and click “Enter” (or return for you Mac users).

03 Password

Voila! You have hacked your own password! The best part is, it was completely legal.