Five Steps to Digital Marketing: Table of Contents

Step One -Business Builder: “Your company’s spirit is much like any person’s. Spirit is about who you are, what you believe, what your goals are, what you have to offer, who you want to connect with and where you fit in the whole scheme of things.”

Step Two – Online Foundation Builder: “As we set about building your company’s ‘body,’ we need to make sure it’s built for stamina, speed, aggressiveness, adaptability and growth so it can successfully withstand and surmount the web’s challenging terrain.”

Step Three – Funnel Development and the Logical Sequence to a Sale: “Just as your brain needs separate lobes to carry out specific functions, every one of your company’s offerings requires its own master plan.”

Step Four – Traffic Builder: “Once we’ve created a purposeful, robust, intelligent vital entity, we need to feed it generously and make sure rejuvenating oxygen is being circulated throughout.

Step Five – Optimization and Growth: “It’s time to pump some iron and begin post-grad studies (since our growth stresses the intellectual as well as the physical).

Our “Five Steps to Digital Marketing” blog series was created to detail the ways in which Solutions 8 helps companies maximize and realize their fullest potential. And because we like to think of your business as a living, breathing organism, we’ve assigned a step for each part of its physical and mental development.

“Step One – Business Builder” deals with identifying and establishing your company’s ‘spirit,’ i.e. mission, vision, values and goals, whereas “Step Two – Online Foundation Builder” speaks to building a robust online presence, or ‘body.’ Steps Four and Five will talk about ‘exercise’ and ‘growth’, respectively, while in this blog we’ll discuss the brilliant inner workings of your company’s ‘mind.’

While all the parts of an organism are important, none are more integral to overall success than the mind. The mind learns and improvises so that we can get what we want and what we need faster and more efficiently than our competitors. Simply put, if you’ve got the mind of a master strategist, and the will to back it up, you’re poised to be the leanest, sleekest and baddest of them all.

The Multi-Funnel Approach

Just as your brain needs separate lobes to carry out specific functions, every one of your company’s offerings requires its own master plan. Once we’ve qualified what your particular offerings are, we’ll build each one a dedicated, dynamic and unbelievably effective sales funnel that contains:

  • Content that captures, enlightens, inspires and persuades throughout the course of the funnel. Our aim with TOFU (Top of the Funnel) content is to entice potential customers to learn more about your brand and how it can gloriously serve their needs and desires. TOFU content includes:
  • Blogs
  • Social Media Updates
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Click-Through Landing Pages
  • Case Studies

As we nurture prospective customers downward to MOFU (Middle of Funnel), our primary goals are lead generation and retargeting. We’re going to be offering potential customers fabulous, irresistible ‘bribes’, or lead magnets (which we’ll get to shortly) that may take the form of:

  • White Papers
  • Free Reports/Guides
  • Templates
  • Toolkits
  • Resource Lists

Finally, we’re going to get to the meat and potatoes of it all and not only generate conversions, but work to bring about more of the ‘high ticket’ variety and make sure they reoccur with great frequency and recency. BOFU (Bottom of Funnel) content can consist of:

  • Emails
  • Demo
  • Free Trials
  • Customer Stories/Testimonials
  • Sheets/Comparisons
  • Webinars

Of course, many of the content types we’ve listed can work in more than one part of the funnel, as long as they are geared toward accomplishing the goals of a particular phase. You can trust the digital masterminds at Solutions 8 to help you choose the perfect content mode for each stage of your strategy and fill it with engaging, meaningful and compelling material.

  • Lead Magnets are our MOFU mainstays and heavy hitters. We made people aware of your brand in TOFU and now we want them to take a closer look, which we’re going to accomplish by offering a “bribe” in exchange for their contact info.


Lead magnets should provide the potential customer with a specific chunk of value that’s able to be consumed quickly and easily and yield immediate gratification, like the templates and toolkits listed above.

We must confess that devising and developing new lead magnets is a favorite among the Solutions 8 team members. It’s one arena in which we get to combine our prodigious know-how and fierce creativity for an outcome that invariably produces immediate, gratifying results.

  • Trip Wires exist in MOFU and are the more beguiling cousins of the clever lead magnet. Often coming right on the heels of the magnet, the trip wire’s goal is to immediately shift the identity of a prospective customer to actual customer.

We accomplish this by offering a low-dollar deal, like a $7 trial membership or a $5 sample pack, that is perceived by the customer to be high-value and compels them to make their first purchase with your company. Even though the amount is small, these purchases create customers and are the start of a beautiful relationship (and mindset).

  • Your Company’s Core Offer is something you’re sure of before onboarding with Solutions 8, but you may need help qualifying it and figuring out how to present it in the most advantageous light. No worries. We’ve got the skills to make it shine like a thousand suns.

This ‘star of the show’ lives in BOFU and, seemingly, is the one big thing this entire process has been leading up to. And it is big, inasmuch as your company should ideally make/do this particular product/service better than anyone else does. Even so, your core offer may not be even close to where you make the most profit.

  • Profit Maximizers have long been used by the world’s most successful companies as a way to take profits into the stratosphere. Essentially, these are products or services that are offered as upsells, cross-sells, add-ons or bundles.

A well-known example would be McDonald’s french fries and soft drinks. Even though the burger is their core offer, the profit margin there is low. McDonald’s makes its real money on the items they sell as add-ons to the burger.

We’ll not only help you determine which of your services and products could be sold as bundled units or add-ons, but aid in the discovery and development of new offerings that showcase and pair well with your core offerings, thereby tremendously increasing customer satisfaction, sales and profit.

  • Ascension, or moving customers toward your company’s higher-ticket offerings, is our next profit-increasing stratagem. Offerings like ‘Platinum Memberships’ or ‘Elite Series’ products are a great way to increase profit while also establishing greater brand loyalty and, as a result, increased customer retention.

The marketing svengalis at Solutions 8 know just how to illuminate high-end offerings, making them irresistible to purchasers. And, as in the case of profit maximizers, if your business doesn’t already offer higher-dollar product or service options, we can help you devise and create them.

  • Indoctrination and Engagement Campaigns are used throughout the funnel and are crucial to keeping customers aware, involved and ready to purchase.

Much like blood flow, automated content is continually circulated among potential and actual customers alike, feeding and nurturing your company’s relationship with them, which in turn maintains momentum and intensifies connections.

At Solutions 8, you’re more than just a client; you’re a partner. We don’t succeed unless you do and we are fully invested in helping you take your vision all the way. Contact us today for a free consultation or click here to receive updates so you’ll be sure not to miss our next installment, Five Steps to Digital Marketing: Step Four – Traffic Builder.”