Five Steps to Digital Marketing: Table of Contents

Step One -Business Builder: “Your company’s spirit is much like any person’s. Spirit is about who you are, what you believe, what your goals are, what you have to offer, who you want to connect with and where you fit in the whole scheme of things.”

Step Two – Online Foundation Builder: “As we set about building your company’s ‘body,’ we need to make sure it’s built for stamina, speed, aggressiveness, adaptability and growth so it can successfully withstand and surmount the web’s challenging terrain.”

Step Three – Funnel Development and the Logical Sequence to a Sale: “Just as your brain needs separate lobes to carry out specific functions, every one of your company’s offerings requires its own master plan.”

Step Four – Traffic Builder: “Once we’ve created a purposeful, robust, intelligent vital entity, we need to feed it generously and make sure rejuvenating oxygen is being circulated throughout.

Step Five – Optimization and Growth: “It’s time to pump some iron and begin post-grad studies (since our growth stresses the intellectual as well as the physical).

Our “Five Steps to Digital Marketing” blog series illustrates the ways in which Solutions 8 helps clients define, establish, build, feed and nurture their companies from inception all the way to maximum potential.Since we think of your company as a living, breathing entity, each of our five steps has been designed to focus on one of these five aspects: Spirit, Body, Mind, Exercise, and Growth.

Our ‘Step One’ blog explained how Solutions 8’s ‘Business Builder’ strategy identifies and establishes your company’s ‘spirit,’ so naturally, the next step is going to detail our plan to build your company a robust online foundation, or ‘body.’

The first thing to consider when building any body is the environment in which we’re expecting it to thrive. As we set about building your company’s ‘body,’ we need to make sure it’s built for stamina, speed, aggressiveness, adaptability and growth so it can successfully withstand and surmount the web’s challenging terrain.


Website Creation and Foundational Content

For strong muscle and bone, you’re going to need a kickass website. Too often, websites are near the bottom of companies’ priority lists, and that is a huge mistake. Especially now, a website is the world’s window into your business. This is not only where potential customers come to see what you have to offer, but whether or not you’re lackluster, sloppy, indifferent, uneducated or, based on those things, trustworthy. In essence, this is where they see who you are.

  • Design – Basically, a website is nothing more than a conduit through which potential customers enter, decide whether or not to engage and, hopefully, become actual customers. Personally, we don’t know anyone who’s fond of entering ratty-looking conduits.

We’ve all seen dismal websites, but let’s consider what the good ones have in common: visual appeal, a polished look, great flow, smooth interactivity, cool infographics, skillfully produced videos, etc. All things an amateur could aspire to, but never really pull off. Building your own website (or hiring someone that does it as a hobby) is about as advisable as doing your own plumbing, taxes or car repair (presuming you’re not an expert in any of those areas.) In short, it will most likely cost you big in the end, end up being a huge waste of time and, possibly, lead to embarrassment.

But what if your website isn’t necessarily ratty? Maybe it’s visually appealing, professional looking, has some great images, etc. But would someone buy from you, right now, solely based on the content on your site? If not, you have some serious work to do.


  • Content – In terms of your company’s body, content is the bone and marrow upon which everything else is built. If it’s not vital, strong, resilient and substantial, cracks begin to show, and everything falls apart.

Content is the means through which you convey your company’s core message, values, offerings, and attitude. And, just like bone, it should be compact and able to do its job mightily in limited space. Great content is pithy; efficiently captivating and influencing as it informs. It should never meander, or worse, be so brief as to impart no personality at all.


As in website design, writing your own content often does more harm than good. Even if you have the most beautifully-designed website in the world, without meaningful, expertly-written content, you’ve got nothing but a pretty face.

Based on long experience, we can’t emphasize enough just how crucial a great website is, or how profitable, so we are going to go one further by saying that your website should be your company’s best and highest paid employee because that’s how potently it’s going to work for you.


Solutions 8 is a full-service digital marketing firm staffed with brilliant, accomplished website maestros who will not only build you a phenomenal site but will fill it with relevant, engaging sales-driving content. we’re the authority when it comes to fixing ‘broken’ websites as well, and offer several valuable services that range from complete overhauls to fresh content to tweaks and adjustments. There’s simply nothing we can’t build, fix, improve or turn around completely.

At Solutions 8, you’re more than just a client; you’re a partner. We don’t succeed unless you do and we are fully invested in helping you take your vision all the way. Contact us today for a free consultation or click here to receive updates, so you’ll be sure not to miss our next installment, Five Steps to Digital Marketing: Step Three – Funnel Development and the Logical Sequence to a Sale.”