Five Steps to Digital Marketing: Table of Contents

Step One -Business Builder: “Your company’s spirit is much like any person’s. Spirit is about who you are, what you believe, what your goals are, what you have to offer, who you want to connect with and where you fit in the whole scheme of things.”

Step Two – Online Foundation Builder: “As we set about building your company’s ‘body,’ we need to make sure it’s built for stamina, speed, aggressiveness, adaptability and growth so it can successfully withstand and surmount the web’s challenging terrain.”

Step Three – Funnel Development and the Logical Sequence to a Sale: “Just as your brain needs separate lobes to carry out specific functions, every one of your company’s offerings requires its own master plan.”

Step Four – Traffic Builder: “Once we’ve created a purposeful, robust, intelligent vital entity, we need to feed it generously and make sure rejuvenating oxygen is being circulated throughout.

Step Five – Optimization and Growth: “It’s time to pump some iron and begin post-grad studies (since our growth stresses the intellectual as well as the physical).

Solutions 8 digital marketing strategy is to your company what proper rest, a great diet and a dedicated personal trainer are to your body; so each of our “Five Steps” blog posts involve a different aspect of your company’s “body” and examine the ways we revitalize, nourish and strengthen all of them.

If you’ve been following along, our prior three blogs involved the mechanics behind your company’s “spirit,” “body” and “mind,” while this blog will tackle “bloodstream and nourishment.” Once we’ve created a purposeful, robust, intelligent vital entity, we need to feed it generously and make sure rejuvenating oxygen is being circulated throughout.

Existing NetworkYour current customers are the heart of your business, the ones who are already acquainted with your brand and whose significance can’t be overstated. Solutions 8’s dynamic, intuitively structured email campaigns are designed to keep your client relationships invigorated and beating steadily.

Whether you have customers that need to be nurtured back down the sales funnel, ascended into becoming multi- or high-ticket purchasers, segmented by interest or just reengaged, we’ve got an email game plan to handle it. We won’t stop until we’ve increased the frequency and recency of existing customer conversions.

Content MarketingAfter building new or refurbishing existing websites, we spark life by creating an active blog page where we continually deposit content that is timely, compelling and meaningful to the target audience. We also publish calculated guest blogs on other sites that don’t necessarily seem like advertisements, but are designed to pull in traffic and leads.

Depending on your marketing strategy, we’ll generate landing pages, videos, infographics, memes, white papers, interviews, podcasts, lists, case studies, demos, templates; you name it.

We’ve got mad content savvy, no matter the type or technology involved, and we love to use it.

Organic Social – If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you most likely have business accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc., and if you do, our social media sages can breathe new life into all of them with compelling, entertaining and sales-driving content. If you don’t, we’ll sit down with you and decide which platforms are best for your company and devise a strategy together.

Paid Social – With the exception of organic (free) advertising, paid social network ads are among the most cost-effective ways to increase brand awareness and boost conversions, but only if executed by someone with an acute understanding of how they work, the time to monitor progress and the keenness to react quickly to changes in such mercurial formats. That someone is Solutions 8.

Organic Search – The name of the game is SEO (search engine optimization) and we know it like the backs of our hands. We’ll put your company in the best possible (free) position to be seen and clicked on using our fierce knowledge of search engine preferences, keywords, editing, coding, backlinks and other ninja secrets we can’t divulge.

Paid Search – As Google Partners, we are wildly proficient in Adwords, which is the most popular, successful PPC (pay-per-click) format in the world. But our exhaustive PPC knowledge translates to almost any format and we decide with you, on a case-by-case basis, which formats work best for which products in which areas and make sure your advertising dollars are shrewdly utilized.

Paid Outreach – If you spend any amount of time online, you probably know of at least a couple of bloggers you enjoy reading and whose opinions you respect. Or maybe you (or your kids) have a favorite YouTube channel you find yourself wandering over to throughout the day.

It’s becoming more apparent that bloggers, YouTube celebrities, Instagram stars, etc. are the new “influencers” and tapping them to market for you, depending on your brand, can be a brilliant move. If you decide it’s a good fit for you, we’ll present you with your best options, costs and strategies.

Paid Content – Although this isn’t a viable option for every company, some brands benefit strongly from marketing through ebooks, digital courses, membership sites and other forms of content that customers pay for. If someone is willing to pay for your content, this indicates that a high degree of value is being place upon what you say and that your clients see you as an authority which, from a marketing standpoint, is invaluable.

Triggered Emails – Now that we’ve sent fresh, invigorating, oxygenated blood to all your extremities through our organic and paid “arteries,” we need a way to process the influx of yummy new leads. Our triggered indoctrination emails will capture those leads, pull them in and start them on their way down the sales funnel.

Without going too much farther into the digestion analogy, suffice it to say that leads are only nutritious if processed properly – and Solutions 8 knows just how to get the most out of them. Once your leads are indoctrinated and engaged, we turn them into customers and continue to feed them on substantive, oxygen-rich emails and content in hopes of fostering a relationship that is truly symbiotic.

At Solutions 8, you’re more than just a client; you’re a partner. We don’t succeed unless you do and we are fully invested in helping you take your vision all the way. Contact us today for a free consultation or click here to receive updates so you’ll be sure not to miss our next installment, Five Steps to Digital Marketing: Step 5 – Growth and Optimization.”