Five Steps to Digital Marketing: Table of Contents

Step One -Business Builder: “Your company’s spirit is much like any person’s. Spirit is about who you are, what you believe, what your goals are, what you have to offer, who you want to connect with and where you fit in the whole scheme of things.”

Step Two – Online Foundation Builder: “As we set about building your company’s ‘body,’ we need to make sure it’s built for stamina, speed, aggressiveness, adaptability and growth so it can successfully withstand and surmount the web’s challenging terrain.”

Step Three – Funnel Development and the Logical Sequence to a Sale: “Just as your brain needs separate lobes to carry out specific functions, every one of your company’s offerings requires its own master plan.”

Step Four – Traffic Builder: “Once we’ve created a purposeful, robust, intelligent vital entity, we need to feed it generously and make sure rejuvenating oxygen is being circulated throughout.

Step Five – Optimization and Growth: “It’s time to pump some iron and begin post-grad studies (since our growth stresses the intellectual as well as the physical).

We’ve finally arrived at the fifth, and final, step in Solutions 8’s “Five Steps to Digital Marketing” blog series. If you’ve been following along, you’re well-acquainted with the “company = human body” analogy we’ve employed.

The first four blogs covered your company’s “spirit,” “body,” “mind” and “circulatory system,” and now we’re going to wrap things up with “growth.” Now that we’ve devoted so much time and effort to building a magnificently vigorous and brilliant specimen, it’s time to pump some iron and begin post-grad studies (since our growth stresses the intellectual as well as the physical).

Big Brain

When it comes to your company, the only way it’s getting bigger is by getting smarter; and at Solutions 8, we know that increased understanding comes from diligent methods analysis.


  • Validating and Testing Assumptions – We’ve already mapped out your marketing strategies in our “living plan” format and, with that, the expected outcomes of each. Once we’ve set goals, we can begin making our list of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Some typical KPIs are landing page conversion rates, traffic-to-lead ratio, cost per acquisition, customer value, etc. Throughout the course of your marketing campaign, we track KPIs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (depending on type) and perform regular comparisons and analyses on each.

Strategies that are proven producers are retained, studied and further cultivated; the ones that aren’t are either tweaked or chucked, depending on how poorly they functioned.

  • Split or A/B Testing – Let’s pretend you have two parties to go to in one week. At the first party, you wear a pretty nice outfit and receive five compliments on your getup. At the second party, you wear a different—but equally nice outfit, but receive only two compliments on your fashion. By these standards, outfit #1 was more successful, and you’ll probably wear something similar to your next big event.

This is sort of what split testing looks like. Simply put, split testing is creating two different versions of something and tracking which one, A or B, performs better.

Depending on KPI analyses, Solutions 8 may run split tests on any number of marketing campaign components, including landing pages, emails, web pages, ads, etc.

A landing page split test, for instance, would involve the creation of two distinct landing pages to which unaware prospects are routed randomly, but equally. We then track the conversion KPIs on each one and make necessary adjustments.

Measurement and Management

  • Reporting – Not only is our living plan steadily tracking and recording KPIs and, therefore, goal attainment, but we’re also constantly measuring performance in the areas of SEO, keyword, social media, and email. using professional reporting tools like Adwords API and Raventools.
  • Rocks and Milestones – Naturally, a huge part of any marketing campaign is goal setting. At Solutions 8, we call the really big, overarching goals “rocks.” Rocks can include a comprehensive, triggered email campaign, a website build, a paid ad campaign or funnel construction.

Milestones are smaller wins, like hitting our monthly paid-ad R.O.I. or new lead acquisition goals. Simply, they are realized goals that aren’t necessarily worth much on their own, but are indicators of future success and can be used as benchmarks upon which we can place rocks.

Our month-to-month living plan progress report helps to not only ensure that both rocks and milestones are being reached, but that they’re being met either on or below budget and on time.

Continuing Optimization

A Solutions 8 marketing campaign isn’t complete until we’ve reached each and every goal set by our client, and even then it’s up to the client whether to set more goals or move on. No matter where people are in terms of your funnel, we’re not done with them until you say we are.

If you’ve got a great sales funnel already in play, there are always new ways to attract leads into TOFU (top of funnel), whether it’s through a product-specific type of social media, influencer marketing or a brand-new lead magnet.

For those restless souls who became leads but evaporated right out of MOFU (middle of funnel) before they could slide down where they belong, we’re able to execute irresistible reengagement and segmentation email campaigns where we remind them of why they became interested in the first place, let them know what they’re missing, offer them “gifts” and segment them by interest.

And last, but never least, are our precious BOFU (bottom of funnel) residents; these individuals already purchased, but now need lots of good nurturing to not only buy more frequently, but also to opt for higher ticket items. Our ascension and nurture email campaigns, as well as our case studies, spec sheets, webinars and special events keep them engaged and brand-loyal in perpetuity.

At Solutions 8, you’re more than just a client; you’re a partner. We don’t succeed unless you do and we are fully invested in helping you take your vision all the way. Thanks for reading our “Five Steps to Digital Marketing” blog series – we hope it provided some valuable insights and inspiration.  If you have any questions about our series or are interested in a free consultation, please feel free to reach out any time.