Boy, I sure hope so.

But seriously, say you’re a business owner who’s never been a fan of laying down thoughts or maybe even a decent writer who’s got an unexpected looming deadline – either way, you don’t want to put your name on a piece of garbage and make it public.

You might be relieved to know that Digital Marker has come up with no less than eight ways to turn out viral-level content without being a master wordsmith and they cover them all in their “Content Marketing Specialist” certification course.  That’s right – now anyone can write a blog that’s more than just “a skosh above embarrassing,” but rather tremendously compelling, thought-provoking and relevant.

The Embed Reaction – This idea is beautiful in its simplicity: find something popular that someone else did, embed it in your blog and react to it. Whether it’s a YouTube video, infographic, SlideShare, etc., if it’s already had lots of views and shares, you know it’s going to pull in readers

Since it’s guaranteed to be compelling, it shouldn’t be hard to come up with a few adequate (even great?) discussion points and observations. Tip: if you’re using video, be sure to vet it completely.

The Stat Roundup – This one is too simple to be beautiful, honestly, but it may be wildly successful, since it will seem like compulsory reading to someone who’s invested in your topic, about which you’re going to Google your heart out in search of relevant statistics.

Obviously, your next step will be to curate the stats, write a bit of segue material in between and remember link to your sources. Easy peasy.

The Interview – Getting someone to agree to an interview is often easier than you think and, if you bag an expert, you get the benefit of piggybacking on someone else’s wisdom. However, don’t attempt this one if you aren’t sure you can write questions that will not only be interesting to the reader, but that won’t sound nonsensical or bore the interviewee.

Great Quotes – No one can resist a pithy quote, which makes sites like BrainyQuoteGoodreadsAZ Quotes and Quotery so popular.  And I’ve just done half the work for you, since all these sites are excellent sources for the legitimate spoken and written thoughts of very famous and/or smart people.

You can search for quotes by author or by topic, which means you can write your blog about a person who said a lot of noteworthy things or . . . well, just about anything else. You’d be amazed at the profusion of things people have felt obliged to comment upon throughout history.

As with the stats, all that’s left to do is to organize the quotes within a nice cushion of smooth, brief transitions and you’ve got yourself a blog. Tip: Verify all quotes from non-reputable sources; like regrettably popular memes, sketchy websites or your friend, Dylan.

The Crowdsource – Almost. No. Effort. Got your attention? All you need this time is three or more experts in any one field and a single question. Get them all to provide you with somewhat expansive answers (which may take some prompting), aggregate said answers, add some brief introductions (and headshots, if you can) and post.

The Compilation – This one might be the most fun, if you’re concerned by that sort of thing. The idea Is to browse the web for interesting content of any sort (videos, images, GIFs, memes, etc.) and create a sort of hodgepodge (preferably with a common, uniting thread).

The YouTube Cut-Up – Allowing you to once again use content that’s verifiably compelling, this method involves finding a popular YouTube video, taking stills from it and summarizing all the steps. Remember, always embed or link to the original.

The Roundup List – I’ve saved the best for last since, according to Digital Marketer, round-up lists perform better than all the rest. And that should be no surprise, because people love lists, especially when they’re lists of other people’s excellent viral content.

Find out what the current top performers are in any mode of content (blogs, tweets, posts, videos, infographics, etc.) and make a list of them, along with brief descriptions or transitions; you’ll have a surefire hit.

Now get out there and create the next viral juggernaut! And no worries if you’re ever in need of an expertly written blog with real depth and substance; that’s what Solutions 8 is here for! Whether you need killer content, savvy social-media management, precision site rebuilds, masterclass digital-marketing strategies, etc., reach out any time.