If I could eat your blog for lunch, would it be a hot, zesty, substantial meatball sandwich? A fun, flirty, intriguing chocolate raspberry tart? Maybe even a petite, but mind-blowing wasabi shrimp canape?

Or would it have the dry-sponge taste and feel of a hard, unadorned rice cake that takes two glasses of warm tap water to wash down? If that’s the case, keep your chin up. Don’t look back. It never has to be that way again.

Luckily, Digital Marketer’s “Content Marketing Mastery” certification course lists six tried- and-true methods that will render your blogs irresistibly yummy, help them go down like a  White Castle slider and keep readers coming back for more.

1. Tantalizing Headlines – Tempting blogs are presented with an appetizing garnish, not with a side of cold grits. Headlines are a promise of what’s to come, so keep them  provocative with social proof (10 Foods Stars Always Avoid), a threat (You’re Losing $10 a Day By Making One Common Mistake) or personal gain (The Best Places to Source Free Fertilizer).

2. Bold Intro – Once you’ve pulled them in with a full-bodied headline, make sure they don’t regret their first bite. Your intros should be curiosity inducing, easy to read and, as Digital Marketer puts it, pull top-of-the-slide readers  “down the greased chute.”

3. Keep Loops Open – Remember way back in days of yore when you had to wait for commercials to end to find out what happened next? Human beings are naturally obliged to see things through to the end, so keep them anticipating the next course with phrases like, “As you’ll see in the next few paragraphs . . .” or “by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll know how to . . .”

4. Hide Easter Eggs – Everyone loves an unexpected treat now and then, so lightly peppering your blogs with inside jokes and cultural references is an enjoyable way for readers to connect with you. Wondering if it’s OK that everyone’s not in on the joke? If you’ve seen any recent Disney movies or Cartoon Network programming, you may have found yourself laughing more than the kids.

5. Keep Text Bite-Sized – No one wants massive forkfuls of verbiage crammed down their gullet. Rather, you want your blogs partaken of deliberately and savored, so it’s best to keep sentences on the lean side and paragraph size modest.

6. Strong Finish – All masterful productions, whether written or culinary, are nothing without a meaningful finale. This is your time to tie a neat bow, invite readers to comment or ask questions, inspire potential customers with a call-to-action, let your audience know that there’s more to come, etc.

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