Outsourcing. Some business owners have no trouble delegating and others – well, the thought of it chafes a bit. And we understand completely. After all, you’re the reason your company is where it’s at today and you did it by keeping costs low, making sure things were done accurately, staying involved and picking up new skills along the way.

But as your company has expanded, you may have found it necessary (and a relief) to outsource tasks like payroll, information technology (IT), customer support, manufacturing, etc., which are all popular, smart things to outsource. Well we’re going to add one more to the list: digital marketing.

In fact, we’re going to make the case that, no matter the size of your company or the stage it’s in (beginner to super-successful colossus), digital marketing should be first on your list of jobs to outsource.

1.You’ll still be as involved as you ever were.

We can’t speak for every digital marketing firm, but at Solutions 8 we use something called a “living plan,” which allows us enjoy maximum client interaction, involvement and input. Every goal, decision, action, metric, cost, etc. lives in the Google Doc spread sheet that houses the plan and is continuously updated to enable tracking and provide direction.

We custom-build a living plan collaboratively with each client so we can be sure we have a perfect understanding of their particular mission, budget, goals, thoughts, etc. Clients have the same 24-hour access to the plan as everyone else on the Solutions 8 team and are invited to add input or ask questions at will.

But no worries if your business is requiring the lion’s share of your attention (another reason to outsource) or if you’re more comfortable mostly observing – your involvement is strictly up to you. If you do a good job vetting your digital marketing firm, you should be able to get the result you’re looking for without being totally immersed.

2.We have the people.

Maybe you or one or two of your employees have been handling your marketing so far and, maybe, you’ve done a pretty good job (which would make you perfect partners for our living plan), but have you been covering all the marketing “bases?” Or are your needs starting to outgrow your capabilities?

If you want your company to succeed in today’s digital marketing environment, your in-house staff should include (at least) one of the following:

  • Advertising Specialist/Strategist
  • Developer
  • SEO Expert
  • Graphic/Web Designer
  • Content Creator/Copywriter
  • Social Media Manager

You might be able to handle one or two of these on your own, but all of them? Sufficiently? Seriously, there are so many lead-generating, conversion-stimulating, customer base-building opportunities you’re missing out on if you’re leaving any of these stones half-turned, or unturned altogether.

3.We have the newest, coolest, most powerful tools and techniques.

And we know how to use them. But enough about us – how’s your automated marketing coming along? What kind of reporting tools are you using these days and who’s analyzing the results? Having fun with Google Adwords? We know that’s not cheap, so it’s a good thing you know all about best practices for keywords, bidding, optimization, etc. Of course, Facebook’s cheaper, as long as you’re remembering to diligently install FB pixels on each and every web page you want to track and are fully utilizing all the awesome tools in FB Ads Manager.

OK, maybe you know how to do some of that stuff or, if you don’t, would like to thank us for rubbing your nose in it. We weren’t trying to be mean, but we do want to stress that all of the things mentioned above are important. They aren’t just add-ons or things to do if you have time; rather, they should be looked upon as necessary components to any truly successful marketing campaign.

And even if you know something about marketing tools, as a business owner there’s no way you have the time to participate in all the continuing education, certifications, product upgrade webinars, conferences, research and networking that are standard for a dynamic digital marketing team like us. And continually ensuring that your in-house team is up to snuff can become quite an expense.

4.Speaking of expense . . .

You’re going to save money if you outsource your digital marketing. In discussing all our great tools and knowhow above, we didn’t even mention the fact that, if you do your own marketing, you are on the hook for your own software, subscriptions, support and training costs.

Now let’s go over average annual salaries for your in-house marketing staff:

  • Advertising Specialist/Strategist – $68,700
  • Developer – $68,948
  • SEO Expert – $42,931
  • Graphic/Web Designer – $45,564
  • Content Creator/Copywriter – $45,300
  • Social Media Manager – $46,984

For a grand total of: $318,427, as long as you can get by with one of each. Of course, you’re going to have to spend time managing them, or hire someone to do it. And if things don’t work out, you have the messy business of termination to contend with. Splitting from a digital marketing firm that’s not delivering is much simpler.

5.If the “Heavy Hitters” do it, why shouldn’t you?

Why would companies like Canon, Toys R Us, Disney, TaylorMade, Microsoft, Dole, Honda, eBay and Hulu, who have all the marketing budget in the world at their disposal, turn to professional digital marketing firms?

Because they want fresh ideas from competitively-minded, highly-skilled thought leaders who bring unmatched insight into what’s trending, what’s working (and not working) for competitors and what’s on the horizon. People who work at digital marketing firms are usually there because they’re über-creative, have a passion for marketing and love a challenge. If they’re at all like us; they eat, sleep and breathe digital marketing.

If you’d like to know more about the costs and benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing, please feel free to email or schedule a call any time. Don’t forget to ask about our competitive, unambiguous per-unit pricing.