Are your emails in need of a personal trainer? Do they tend to be listless, run out of steam too soon, need trimming or even bulking up?

Although we know brevity is supposed to be one of an email’s most favorable attributes, it can be hard to cram everything we want the reader to know into such a small space. Conversely, an anemic email can be underwhelming and confusing when it doesn’t say enough.

So how do we strike the perfect email body balance? Digital Marketer’s Email Marketing Mastery certification course lists the four basic questions your emails should consistently, and only, be answering to keep them well-toned and appealingly economical, while still delivering real substance.

1. What makes now a good time? Is what you’re offering new? Or on sale? People buy out of both necessity and desire, so if you can convince them not only that they need your product, but that there will never be a better time than now, you’re likely to win converts.

People also love goods and services that are timely, so if what you’re offering is currently garnering media coverage, is experiencing a resurgence in popularity or has appeared in a feature film or popular TV show, you’ll want to capitalize on that.

2. Who cares? Ideally most of your email campaigns are triggered and being sent to segmented subscriber lists, but there are times when a manual broadcast is the way to go. Although more important in the latter, it’s always essential to let readers know why you’ve chosen them to receive a particular message.

Make sure they know what type of itch your product is supposed to scratch. Examples might be acupuncture for migraine sufferers, custom shoes for irregular sizes, a special restaurant/bar event for sports fans or an obedience school for puppies.

3. Why should they care? Although we like to give our audience credit for being full of discerning, thoughtful individuals (so we should never condescend), the truth is that people often like to have the dots connected for them.

Start by recognizing their current pain points and challenges, then fuel their imaginations by helping them visualize how wonderful life will be after they’ve purchased your product. Are they rundown and tired of never getting a good night’s sleep? Vividly, yet concisely, describe their day after trying your space-age foam pillow.

4. Where’s your proof? We can’t expect our audience to take our word for it, so it’s up to us to back up our claims. Hopefully, you’ve gathered some testimonials and earned some positive reviews that you can share, since social proof is a powerful influencer.

Case studies, news stories, comparison charts, survey results and even video demonstrations are other great ways to convince readers that you and your product are on the up-and-up. Remember your amazement when you first saw the Ginsu knife cut effortlessly through an aluminum can and then slice up a tomato like it was butter? That was enough proof for roughly three million customers.

Remember, when it comes to emails less is more, but you still need to drive these four key points all the way home. It’s a great idea to create an initial draft in which you fully cover the four questions, and then go back (maybe asking for input from a colleague) and start trimming. Before long, writing compellingly, yet economically, should be less of a challenge.

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