Pinterest is still one of the fastest growing social media platforms. The online visual bulletin board is 7 years old and shows no signs of slowing down.

An average of 2 million people are on Pinterest everyday, pinning products to their own “board.”

Are you using Pinterest yet to market your products? If so, here are some secret tips you don’t want to miss.

1.Choose Your Own Image Height

Pinterest is full of colorful images. You can make yours stand out by making them vertical. Pins that appear taller ( 2:3 and 1.3:5 ) perform better.


2.Create Between 150-300 Word Description

Images are what makes a pin, a… well… a pin, but a description of just the right length will convince users to click on the product. Using between 150-300 words (including a call to action) seems to lure in customers.



3.Share Price Points in Descriptions

Price tags can quickly grab the attention of users scrolling by. “Here’s a product for sale and just waiting for you,” it says. This puts your customers one step closer to a purchase.


4.Take Advantage of Text Overlays

Text overlays lead people to action. Include information that will help Pinners see your brand or product is a fit for them. Use overlays to highlight special features of a product.


5.Showcase Your Logo

Build brand equity by adding a logo watermark to your Pins. An unobtrusive watermark can help guide people to your brand.


6.Add 20-30 Keywords in Promoted Pins

Keywords are crucial for targeting promoted pins. Pinterest recommends using 20-30 keywords. This is so you get noticed, but not too many where you’re showing pins to the wrong audience. If there is a special holiday coming up, throw that keyword in too. Day Spa and Mother’s Day seem a perfect fit to me!


7.Use Compelling Images

High quality images will get more pins. High quality images that feature products in-use or in a real-life setting can help drive more people to your site.


8.Make Rich Pins to Include Detailed Information

These 6 types of Rich Pins include extra information in the pin itself. Rich Pins require websites with meta tags so Pinterest users can directly install your app, buy stuff or create reading lists.


9.Pin Often

93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest. These stats can’t be ignored, so make sure you pin everyday, or even several times a day. Afternoons and evenings are the best times for pin engagement.


10.Schedule Pins

Did you know you can plan pins ahead of time using a scheduling tool? While Pinterest itself doesn’t allow for scheduling in advance, there are several third-party tools available. One is Viralwoot. This tool lets you schedule pins, boost your presence, and engage influencers.